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"Journaling" to Broadcast South
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Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Recently the George Washington Carver Freshman Campus (GWCFC) Journalism class went on a field trip to Broadcast South to learn more about different job opportunities and different skills in the radio business. As they were there, they did just that by having hands-on experience to different equipment and many different devices to show and give them many different skills to what it would be like having that job in the radio industry. Also, while the students attended the field trip, they met and interacted with the people that worked behind the scenes that make the show or podcast they’re listening to sound the way that it should sound when they’re listening to it. Also, while the students were there, they got to do many of the jobs and learn different skills that are done by the people that are working in the radio industry. There were many different and interesting techniques and skills that the GWCFC Journalism class learned while visiting Broadcast South.

Before the upcoming days of the field trip, students were asked to fill out a permission form to be able to attend the field trip that must be turned in two days before the upcoming day. Once all the students got their permission form signed by their parent or guardian before the two day mark, everyone was eligible to attend. On the day of the field trip, the students were taken to Broadcast South by bus and were told to wear warm weather clothing such as shorts or a short sleeve shirt for the walk back. As the students got there, they were all greeted by Paul Sullivan, a popular dj that works at Broadcast South, and has a strong interest for the radio industry. He then split the students into four groups for them to experience new and different jobs and skills in the radio industry.

“Visiting Broadcast South gave the Journalism class an opportunity to get to see various jobs within the radio industry,” said by GWCFC Journalism teacher, Ms. Booth. There were many students that had a very enjoyable time while at Broadcast South learning new skills and different jobs in the radio industry. There were many students who were captivated and inspired to pursue a career in the radio industry because of the field trip. This field trip was really important to the students attending it because they got to learn and experience many new skills in the radio industry. While this field trip was not mandatory, it was a privilege for the GWCFC Journalism class to get hands on learning of something that they may want to pursue as a career in the future.

Written by: Trey Smith, Journalism student at GWCFC


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