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Give Money, Live Better
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Monday, November 26, 2018
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Walmart, a line of superstores, which are famously known for being open 24/7, have given George Washington Carver Freshman Campus, the campus in Coffee County exclusively for ninth graders, $1,000 for use around the school. The money was thanks to the help of Abe Morris, who wrote an application this summer asking Walmart for the donation. Walmart saw Mr. Morris’ application, and so kindly granted the school the generous sum of $1,000. This money is formally known as a “community grant.” Anyone in the school system may request a grant from them, the amount ranges from $250 to $5,000.

The staff of GWCFC will also be using this money for our rewards program, PBIS (Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports). PBIS is a school wide policy, rewarding those who act the right way.  It means that those who do not show the right attitude towards the school and its rules will not be grouped in with the rest of the school’s population. Rather than punishing students for bad behaviour, the staff reward students for good behaviour. This provides incentive for everyone to act in a positive way.  Any kind of reward for positive behaviour, can, in a way, be considered part of PBIS. “The idea is that we have really great students and staff doing really great things, and we want to acknowledge them for their great work,” a summary by Abe Morris, GWCFC principal. The money could be used for rewards such as free lunch from a nearby restaurant or a gift card for a student.

The staff of GWCFC are extremely grateful towards Walmart for this money. Mr. Morris, the principle of GWCFC expressed his gratitude, saying “I LOVE Walmart!.” Both he and the rest of the staff would like to thank Walmart for the grant. GWCFC staff hope to make it last as long as possible. It will be especially helpful in rewarding the students, enforcing PBIS, and driving this school towards and all-around better learning environment for our students.

By: Cleveland White


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