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An Inside Look at the Teacher of the Year
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Monday, May 27, 2019
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Recently, Mr. Eric Nwawel was named the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year (TOTY) award at George Washington Freshman Campus. Nwawel is an exceptional algebra teacher. He makes sure his students can understand what he is is teaching and will do whatever he can to make sure they’re prepared for the main campus. He encourages them to ask questions and stay after class if they can’t understand what was being taught in the lesson of a particular day. He’s even come to the Freshman campus on the weekend, earlier in the morning, and has stayed after to school to provide students with tutoring sessions to help their grade.

He’s not only a good teacher but and avid traveler as well. He was born in and African country known as Cameroon. He’s also visited Italy where he met his wife and had his son, Dominic. He has also visited 42 different states in the United States alone. He visits his home country at least once a year as well. As Nwawel has traveled, he has had to learn many different language. He states “I can speak 5 different languages.” He can speak fluent French since that is his native language, as well as English, Italian, a little German, and two other tribal languages from his country. In the interview, he was asked which one was the hardest one to learn and he had answered with German. He oftens shows his immense skill in speaking these languages during class sometimes. Students will be amazed as he teases them in another language.

Mr. Eric Nwawel is an amazing teacher and in every way, deserves the award that he has obtained. He is an interesting man and has told stories of his travels. He has described to his students how when he first came here, he misused a word and had to run laps. He recounts different stories for his students and is always making them laugh with his experiences. He has a kind personality and gives his students a safe, fun, and comfortable learning environment.


Written by: Victoria Dennison, Journalism Student at GWCFC

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